Community Happenings

"Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success."

~Henry Ford

Our community is what pushes Seid Enterprises' Team Members to see beyond business operations and allows for a focus on creating valuable interpersonal relationships throughout Michigan. Because of these relationships and collaborations, we are able to  open more doors and provide more opportunities for people with each new venture. Our team continuously facilitates startup experiences for sprouting entrepreneurs, provides jobs for urban youth, and caters to the community simultaneously. 


Summer InitiativE: Family Sustainability

This summer, we will engage with our Detroit community in new ways. In addition to giving our time, a percent of proceeds from our car detailing efforts will support Brilliant Detroit, a non-profit that focuses on families with children 0-8 years of age. Brilliant Detroit aims to create "kid success neighborhoods" through  community centers,  youth education, health programs and family support. This combination not only helps create a stable environment for many families, it helps foster a greater sense of community and possibility in each of its locations. 


Community Partners



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